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Now, drawing from the highly–published designs she’s created for clients, Roxanne will inspire you to create a home that touches the soul of those within, as del as all who walk through it’s doors. Amid stunning photography, by noted photographer Mark Lohman, stories of treasured family traditions and poignant observations by her then 16 year old daughter Hannah, she shares ideas that will help you create beauty warmth and passion in your home, and make it…an inspired design.

More important than the list of credits and publications, below, is her passion for the gift of family, hospitality and leaving a legacy for those you love, in whatever area of giftedness you have been given. Appearing on the 700 Club, with her daughter and numerous other shows, she has been able to teach and experience the gift of legacy and illustrate how it can be intentionally passed on. Inspired Design began the journey, and founding with her daughter and other fabulous mother and daughters continued the journey.

Although the photography and graphic design is spectacular and inspiring the message of Inspired Design is it is the thoughtful effort you put into inviting people to your home, not the presentation that matter. Always emphasizing that it is the enemy that causes us to compare and think we can’t do a spectacular presentation Roxanne speaks on radio shows often, that it is not the presentation that is the heart of the home nor hospitality but the love, care and thought that is behind it. Of course their are inspirational photographs with lots of ideas but the idea is to encourage not overwhelm. She specifically wanted a design book with a Christ–followers perspective, not a wordly message. Along that thought process all the proceeds from this book go to Heart of Hope Ministries Intl. to help those in the orphanage or Home of Hope experience the joy and hope of God!

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