Little Magic Rituals: The Essential Witch’s Kit for Reconnecting with Yourself and with Nature


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“Awaken the witch within you… Celebrate ancient magic rituals with this pocket spell book, which looks at ceremonies and rites to practise throughout the year, helping you to reconnect with yourself and with the elements. If you’d like to live more in harmony with nature, and you’re curious about exploring traditions that have been practised for centuries, ‘Little Magic Rituals’ guides you through the eight sabbats in the witch’s calendar, from Imbolc in February to Yuletide in December. Learn all about the principles of Wicca, the different gods and goddesses that witches celebrate, as well as how to put together your own witch’s kit and how to prepare your first rituals. Including some simple herbal remedies, along with key sabbat recipes, ‘Little Magic Rituals’ is an essential guide to using Wiccan philosophy to cultivate a peaceful relationship with the natural world, and with yourself”–

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