Anticipation Softcover Flexis Notebook


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Original Art: “Anticipation” painting by Victor Nizovtsev
Era: Contemporary
Region: Russia and United States
“Childhood is a time of great discovery. It is a time when every morning brings new knowledge about the world and you can’t wait to get up and explore. Most of the people I grew up with were of humble origin, working in fields and on farms. You can see this in my paintings. The stories and faces of these people, ones with big hearts, calloused hands and smiley eyes, live in my imagination and provide me with endless inspiration.” – Victor Nizovtsev

The boundless dreams of childhood are within reach in the enchanting works of Victor Nizovtsev. His subjects invoke the fantastic figures that linger deep in Paperblanks collective imaginations and his techniques, such as the use of translucent glazes, bewitch with colour and light. 

Paperblanks Anticipation cover highlights Nizovtsev’s way with colour and hues, capturing a serene and contemplative mermaid surrounded by the glow of floating lanterns. Within the art of Nizovtsev, the infinite possibilities of childhood are awakened – expansive opportunities just waiting to be discovered. We hope that his enchanting works help you to remember and realise the boundless dreams of your own childhood.


  • Paperblanks: Wonder & Imagination 
  • No closure
  • Smyth sewn
  • Back cover pouch
  • Decorative printed cover paper
  • Smooth interior paper
  • FSC-certified text paper
  • Threaded stitching and glue, as needed
  • Cloth headbands
  • Acid-free sustainable forest paper
  • Flexible cover and spine

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