Scented Envelope Sachet


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Enjoy your favorite Greenleaf fragrance everywhere you go with these Scented Envelope Sachets. Place a few in your closets, under the seats in your car, under your sink, suitcase when traveling or anywhere else you’d like a touch of fragrance.

What Makes it Special:

  • Beautiful fragrance created in-house by a dedicated team of professional perfumers

Use and Care:

  • Place your sachet in a closet, under the seat in your car, under your sink, or anywhere else you’d like a touch of fragrance
  • Sachets should maintain fragrance for up to 9 months from manufacture date
  • There are certain surfaces sachets should not come in contact with, take care to read the warning on the back of the envelope before using your sachet

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BAD Dahlia & White Musk: Velvet Floral, BAD Urban Vanille: Tonka & Woods, Bella Freesia, Bella Freesia | Soft Floral, Bella Freesia: Soft Floral, Cashmere Kiss | Warm Floral, Cashmere Kiss: Warm Floral, Centre Court, Centre Court | Fresh & Green, Centre Court: Fresh & Green, Citron Sol, Citron Sol | Herbal Citrus, Citron Sol: Herbal Citrus, Classic Linen, Classic Linen | Fresh & Clean, Classic Linen: Fresh & Clean, Cucumber & Lily, Cucumber & Lily: Fruity Floral, Dahlia & White Musk | Velvet Floral, Dahlia & White Musk: Velvet Floral, Enchanted Wish, Enchanted Wish: Aromatic Bouquet, Fruit & Citrus: Gooseberry & Fig, Garden Thyme | Herbal Green, Garden Thyme: Herbal Green, Gooseberry & Fig | Fruit & Citrus, Gooseberry & Fig: Fruit & Citrus, Grandiflora | Rich Floral, Guava Gloss | Fruit & Citrus, Haven, Haven | Herbal Musk, Haven: Herbal Musk, Indigo Suede | Woody Musk, Indigo Suede: Woody Musk, Lavender, Lavender | Aromatic Herbal, Lavender: Aromatic Herbal, Orange & Honey, Orange & Honey: Sweet Citrus, Roses | Classic Floral, Roses: Classic Floral, Seaspray, Seaspray | Watery Green, Seaspray: Watery Green, Spa Springs, Spa Springs | Clean Marine, Spa Springs: Clean Marine, Sugared Sunset, Sugared Sunset: Golden Amber, Urban Vanille | Tonga & Woods, Urban Vanille: Tonga & Woods, Urban Vanille: Tonka & Woods, Warm Floral: Cashmere Kiss


Large 150 ml, Slim 90ml, Small 11ml