Softcover Flexis Notebook | Spinola Hours


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Original Art: Illuminated manuscript page from the Spinola Hours
Era: circa 1510–1520
Region: Belgium

Displaying astounding naturalistic illusionism, the Spinola Hours is one of the most visually sophisticated 16th-century Flemish manuscripts. It contains a calendar of Church holidays, hours, offices and masses, as well as prayers, hymns and readings, all richly illuminated as seen in the page reproduced here.


  • Paperblanks: Ancient Illumination 
  • No closure
  • Smyth sewn
  • Back cover pouch
  • Decorative printed cover paper
  • Smooth interior paper
  • FSC-certified text paper
  • Threaded stitching and glue, as needed
  • Cloth headbands
  • Acid-free sustainable forest paper
  • Flexible cover and spine

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